1 On 1 Coaching

Personalized Coaching Services that balance the whole experience of being here in the present moment. When we shift limiting beliefs, we can shift habits that no longer serve us.

Turquoise Tohi offers Health and Life Coaching Services and Enhanced Coaching Services utilizing horses in Equine Assisted Learning.

Sessions are approximately 1 hour in length and can go as long as 2 hours.

  • Health and Life Coaching (virtual meetings, phone meetings, in-person meetings)
  • Equine Assisted Learning-Individual sessions. To maximize the teachings, a minimum of three is recommended.
  • Boutique group experiences, small groups to maximize learning.
  • Corporate Small Group experiences to maximize learning.

Your Health and Life Coach experience can be on its own or can be enhanced by adding Equine Assisted Learning or Equine Assisted Learning can be on its own.

The horse as our partner offers an opportunity for self-awareness that can be beneficial and have immediate effects to see where old habits arise that no longer serve our highest self.

I offer the proper support, the right system, and the proper accountability for you to step into your power to transform.

I believe to be totally at peace; we need to balance the mind, body, and spirit. If one of these is out of alignment, we cannot be indeed at peace.

I am here to support your journey to tap into your superpowers and find out what is possible.