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The Puzzle


You are Enough,


We hear this phrase a lot, yet so many souls are still trapped in these words. We say it, but often do not feel it. Our thoughts can say “you are enough,” inside we want to believe it as our truth. Yet the nagging little virus inside of us comes back to squash our power to be enough. So how do we make that transition to the other side? 

  • When someone does not see your value, they are not your people.
  • When someone judges you, they are not your people.
  • When someone puts you down and does not support your dreams and goals, they are not your people.
  • When someone criticizes you, they are not your people.

I have discovered that life is a puzzle. It is an art and gift to be able to put your very own custom-made puzzle together one piece at a time. AND you get to decide the puzzle of your life. As human beings we get attached to our misery, habits and programming that is familiar, yet it no longer serves us. 

We upgrade or download our technology often. So, what if we treated ourselves with the same upgrades and downloads to shift the patterning and programming inside of us on a regular basis? Magic, possibility, and self love would be our default. 

Why do we resist? 

The ego is addicted to suffering. The resistance is like this loop in the brain that defaults to what it knows. Yes, even if it does not serve our best interests or higher self. We have a default printer on our computers, but if we add a printer then we must program the system to the new and upgraded printer and delete the old printer. So, this question comes up:

 Are you willing? 

Willingness comes from the heart. 💖 There is a quote that says, “the head has no answers, the heart has no questions.” 

Upgrading our internal programming starts with a willingness. A willingness to be free, to let our soul shine. When we tell ourselves that we are not good enough, that is the programming that we have installed. Most of our programming is based on someone else’s opinions and beliefs and then we become a half-baked version of that person or person(s). Our own identity gets fuzzy on who we are. This constant influence since we were born can sometimes muddy the waters to our truth and power and then it is uncomfortable to shine our light.

The good news is you get to piece your puzzle together. Small acts, and piecing together your puzzle each day will bring about beautiful transformation over time. 🦋 It is better to strive in your own identity and truth than to succeed in the truth of another person. Instead of thinking of this as putting yourself first which stops many from moving forward. I hear from clients that have feelings of thinking that this is selfish, or they feel guilty. The word self-ish already has the word self in it. 

I invite you to shift the language to something that resonates better for you, such as become #1 of yourself. Saying “I am #1 of myself” has power, strength, and light. Give up unhealthy comparison and choose your puzzle piece each day. Picking a small puzzle piece each day will give you permission to be your authentic and true self. This adds up to 30 puzzle pieces a month. Yikes, how great is that? 

Every time you feel resistance to add a puzzle piece or remove a puzzle piece that no longer fits, I invite you to go back to the phrase, “Am I willing?” Check in with yourself and find out what the resistance is. Any resistance, take a deep breath and another, and another until it softens or melts the resistance and then release it to the universe.

This practice is simple but not easy. We get really good at what we practice. Committing to this very act of building your life puzzle will allow you to become.

You are enough! You are the creator of your life!

Are you willing?

Tohi, wishing you peace in mind, body, spirit, and heart.

Program yourself for greatness! 

Stand in Your Power! 🦋

If you would like someone cheering you on to stand in your power and light, I offer a variety of programs customized to your life. I would be honoured to support you in building your life puzzle.

Joan Willms

Certified Health, Transformation Life Coach, and Equine Facilitator

Stand In Your Power!


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