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Why Equine Experiential Learning?

The horses are incredible teachers and guides. These majestic animals live only in the present moment. During the pandemic, life has gone through major shifts and changes. Horses just keep on doing what they do every day. They only know the power of now and the present moment. 

Horses have a gift that invites us to connect with a deeper part of ourselves. They get us out of our heads and into our bodies. They help us feel into our bodies to get curious and start to notice where we might be holding tension, stress, anxiety. Horses can teach us to feel what connection and disconnection feel like. Horses are always judgement free.  

Connecting to a horse can result in amazing changes in your head and your body. Each session provides an opportunity to look within. Magic can happen when we let go of the outcome and allow the process to unfold.

Some examples of experiential sessions include creating clear boundaries, connection, goals and desired outcomes, belief work and re-imprinting, heart connections, energy, and its effect on ourselves and others. 

Being with horses can boost your immunity and healing abilities, which accelerates recovery from surgery and illnesses. 

The intent is to have fun in an environment where we are plugged into nature. The outdoor setting allows for social distancing with ease. 

Why the Horse?

A horse has an inherent gentle nature. Curiosity and desire to work within a “herd” will cause a horse to want to make a connection. Most adults have been programmed to form opinions, judgments and right and wrong. A horse speaks the truth and is always in the present moment.

Horses give clear, direct biofeedback, making them excellent teachers for us to deepen our awareness of ourselves. They are highly intuitive, highly sensitive, and energetically connected to their surroundings feedback is given quickly.

The way we do anything is the way we do everything. When we are feeling excited, confused, anxious, frustrated, angry, afraid, wanting to be accepted, humans typically have the same reaction and use the same coping skills in all situations. Collaborating with a horse can help us identify patterns in our everyday lives that play out in our friendships, significant others, and colleagues at work.

The horse offers support in your journey for personal growth. They assess without prejudice and are non-judgmental. Horses communicate through body language. 

Nature nurtures. Experience the best connection on the planet. Discover what is possible!


New Year Winter special is offered at 22% off. Horses don’t wear watches, so each session will vary. Most sessions are between 90 minutes to 2 hours. New Year offer valid from January 15th to March 31st, 2022. 

Let’s have a no-obligation conversation on how an equine session can support you. 

Joan Willms, 

Certified Health, Life Coach, and Equine Facilitator

Stand In Your Power!


Step out of your comfort zone and see the transformation. Discover the healing energy of horses with Equine Assisted Learning.