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A journey with change – The Sequel

If you read my blog on change and the sale of my business in February 2023, you will probably guess that it has been a year of creating balance, ups and downs, ying and yang. It is my desire that this personal journey will offer insights to others on how to navigate change, and hopefully take away a few nuggets to support you on your journey. Change is a constant flow and will happen whether we resist or not.

What makes change feel so hard and uncomfortable and how does one push through it?

I speak from the heart; this journey of the past year has been one of change from the inside. It has unfolded in many layers. It was difficult at times, and then it was not and then it was. But mostly it has been about growth, and I feel blessed and grateful.

Once I allowed the experience to unfold and noticed any resistance, I was able to come from a more positive, peaceful place within. The ego loves to keep reminding us that we have made a mistake and says things like “you must go back to where it feels familiar and comfortable.” The number one question I kept getting asked was “Do you regret selling?” The answer when aligned with my Dharma, the sun beam inside all of us (our highest self) is no. That does not mean that you just turn everything off and carry on. Allowing the process to unfold with grace and humility has made the journey one of expansiveness and growth. I certainly underestimated how I would feel. So yes, it has been an emotional roller coaster. I thought I was giving up a part of me. I have dedicated 40 plus years of passion, commitment, and many hours and years growing the business. Not only for the success of the organization but the people that made the company what it is, for without the very people that show up each day and make a difference the company could not exist. For all of you, humble thanks, and gratitude. Oceans of peace and many blessings.

There have been so many lessons learned this past year and so much transformation. I did a deep dive into the Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. A book I have held close to me over the years. My mom bought me a copy decades ago. I kept it on my coffee table and would read paragraphs from time to time. My mom passed away in 2017 and I had no idea that this book would become my guide during the year of this monumental change in my life. The biggest ah ha moment was how I thought I was practicing the 4 agreements, NOT…. I realized I knew the 4 Agreements, but I wasn’t really committed to embrace them. To do the work required and choose the agreements as a practice and a path to transformation. Knowledge without action renders useless. This is what I believe separates the preachers from the teachers. You may know the book, the subject, the content, but to truly practice the teachings I had to ask myself “are you willing?” The answer was an absolute YES! A commitment to my highest self each moment. I started to be very intentional with my thoughts and negative speak. I became more aware each day when I was out of alignment with my thoughts, body, heart, and soul. I noticed physical signs in my body when I was in a lower state of vibration. Our thoughts and the stories we tell ourselves affects are alignment with our optimum wellness.

Health is more then the absence of disease. It includes a fully confident sense of a peaceful life, with an ease and flow. A state of “wellness” is described as “harmony between the mind, body and spirit.” The Cherokee word “tohi” (health) is the same as the word for peace. You are in good health when your body is at peace.

One of the lessons learned was not to take other people’s thoughts, emotions, and comments personally.  It is not about me it never was. It is the other person’s projection of their own place in their journey.

I was a little naïve to the extent of my own attachment to the company. So, when someone steps into a new role or position that was once yours, they are probably going to make changes that align with their vision, life experiences and their self. The first several months after many dark days filled with anxiety, depression and negative self talk I realized that I had a strong, attachment to the company. The passion that I had dedicated most of my life to had become my identity, my label. Any change must mean that I did not do a good enough job, did not work hard enough, should of, could of etc. On some days the resistance and pain were like a volcano erupting inside of me.

One of the Four Agreements – “Don’t take anything Personally.”  You see I was allowing the ego to get in the way of my own inner peace. I was a victim to my thoughts. I realized that I was also the victim and the one responsible for my own suffering. Lesson learned and I intentionally practice not taking anything personally each day. The ego keeps us stuck or has us dip lower and stunts our progress. The ego is a lower level of consciousness. In Ego people may say stuff such as “I have already done that.,” “I already do that.” “I have read that.” “I couldn’t do that.” “Not good enough”. This is not your fault; it is a defense mechanism a protection so to speak. It becomes our default programming. By being aware and acknowledging that this is programming, you can shift and transform. When we raise the consciousness to a higher level there is more freedom, more joy, more magic and wonder. Just as the Star Trek crew stepped into the light to beam them up, we get to choose to step into our power and light. When we are operating from feelings, anger, fear, guilt, shame we are blocking better feelings and emotions. The Ego focuses on lack rather than abundance.

I love this quote by Arielle Hecht. “Change means different. As you think, feel and act differently, so then your life becomes anew. “

Another Lesson. Learning how to make myself comfortable with being uncomfortable. To be present with my fears, feeling the resistance, acknowledging the resistance, and surrendering to it, then letting go. When we surrender our burdens, we are letting them go to the supreme light, source, the universe, God, Great Spirit, whatever word resonates or speaks to you. Receive the blessing as is. Simple but not easy. This ritual has taught me how to check in with myself and commit to doing the work and in doing so, a transformation emerges. In practicing this agreement, it is now easier and more natural (perhaps new programming?) to allow things to come up and let go of feelings, thoughts, and worries.

I have also learned to release control that things should be a certain way. That resistance is what keeps us playing small. With the realization of the attachment, I had to the company, I can find bliss and joy without any attachment. The act of shifting the word from “my” company to “the” company detaches us. LOL…the ego may steal my morning, but it will have to take a back seat for the afternoon. Being grateful, humble, and filled with humility puts the ego in the back seat.

Each day I am stronger, standing in my power and light. I am no longer living in the past, and the world does not need any more people living in the past, holding onto clutter in their physical and internal environments. I realize that the company is not who I am it is what I did. Removing the seemingly harmless, albeit negative, draining habits from your life is liberating. It allows for more joy, abundance, and freedom. It becomes very heavy carrying all the burdens and there is no room for joy, peace, abundance, and freedom. Another lesson learned. Just like winning a medal or receiving a promotion is not who we are. We are not defined by position, status, labels, such as wife, husband, mother, father, grandparent, brother, sister etc. We are so much more then that. Living beings having a human experience.

It is never too late to grow. I am manifesting that you live the life you desire, stand in your power and step into your light and brilliance. It is humbling to support women on their journey to tohi. If you would like to open the conversation, please reach out for a no obligation discovery call. It would be an honour to hold a sacred space for you on your journey.

The world is waiting and needs the gifts that are within. You are enough. You are whole and complete.

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