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Thoughts and how they determine our outcome: Yes, our inner chatter matters.

What we say to ourselves matter. As humans we have a lot of thoughts each day. The number varies amongst experts to be between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. The reality is that 95 – 97% of our thoughts are automatic. We keep recycling the same thoughts, same choices, same experiences. Nothing changes. It is not helpful. Our inner chatter really does matter. Say 80% of those thoughts are negative, the outcome of those negative thoughts can make us feel down and affect our ability to function. Leaving us emotionally depleted with thoughts that are not serving us.

The emotions that we feel are a result of the messages or communication that we give to ourselves. So, it makes sense that low quality inner dialogue (negative thoughts and beliefs) limits us from stepping into our highest, best version of ourselves. On the other side, is high quality inner dialogue (positive thoughts, affirmations, and intention statements) that serves us produces feel good emotions. This is where our awesomeness is uncovered.

I invite you to get curious and listen to the chatter or inner dialogue. It really does matter. Is it helpful or hurtful, what outcome is resulting?

The good news is we always get to choose a different thought. Simple in principle but not always easy. Once we understand where the feelings are originating, we can slowly replace the thoughts with different ones that serve our highest self.

Getting in the driver’s seat and being able to become the master of the conversation in your head will be empowering and transforming. Our thoughts can make us physically sick. We are all running some version of “I suck!” in our monologue. The following quote really resonated with me on my journey through transformation.

“If you are on the journey of self improvement and you regularly beat yourself up for not meeting goals or not being enough, then it is not self improvement, it’s self punishment.” Stacey Morgenstern

I invite you to become your own champion. Change your thoughts change your life. I would be honoured to support you in your journey to grow through what you have gone through and to apply and learn techniques towards self compassion and

self -appreciation.

Tohi, wishing you peace in mind, body, and spirit.

Program yourself for greatness!

 Joan Willms

Certified Health, Life Coach, and Equine Facilitator

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