Health and Wellness

We provide personalized Coaching Services that balance the whole experience of being here in the present moment. When we shift limiting beliefs, and we can shift habits that no longer serve us.

Turquoise Tohi offers Health and Life Coaching Services and Enhanced Interactive Coaching Services utilizing horses in Equine Assisted Learning.

What is Equine Experiential Learning?

Horses have been with us for thousands of years. As a species, they had to adapt to the world around them. They are always in the present and are aware when we are not congruent. Equine learning can assist with stuck energy and bring it to the surface. This sets an experience in the present moment to see where limiting beliefs may be holding us back. When there is a release of stuck energy, we make room for more of what we want. Horses can assist in bringing emotions to the surface. All work is done on the ground. No riding and no horse experience are necessary. With an open heart, discover possibilities and insights into your authentic self. Just as every human has a gift, every horse has a gift.

I offer the proper support, the right system, and the appropriate accountability for you to step into your power, so that the transformation happens.

I believe to be totally at peace; we need to balance the mind, body, and spirit. If one of these is out of alignment, we cannot be indeed at peace.

One-on-one coaching provides you with a program that is unique to you. It allows for meaningful actions that get results. I am here to support your journey to tap into your superpowers and find out what is possible?

Fabulous Over 40 and Beyond 90 Day Transformation to Optimum Health and Energy:

Transformation begins by nourishing the whole person. I will guide you through 90 days that build healthy habits with how you want to feel every day. Discover what is right for your unique body type. Dive into what’s holding you back. Develop a clear understanding of how your unique body works so you can nurture and begin saying “yes” to yourself.

Equine Assisted Experiential Facilitated Learning 3 or 4 Session Program and Beyond:

Interactive learning in the present moment with the horse as your guide. These sessions include mindful mediation, discovering how our energy affects our environment, the power of the present moment, reflections of our heart’s desires.

The ASD (Advanced Self Development) 2 Day Series:

This is a boutique learning experience with a maximum of 4 participants. Learning and self-growth can be accelerated when an environment is created that is safe and supportive. When people are supported, they will naturally be congruent. When we get curious, we lose any judgment.

This program is all-inclusive and includes all snacks, beverages, lunch, and materials.