What Our Clients Are Saying

Sheila Porter Fredericksburg, VA

“Thank you, Joan Willms for being an awesome coach. My experience as your client was beyond measure. You led me to revelations and inner perspectives that improved my well being. During our sessions you were always engaged and attentive. I especially appreciate your dedication and changing lives. Your insight was always spot on, which led to questions and feedback that resonated with me. Joan, your coaching expertise was a life changing experience, for which I will always be grateful. Your future clients will be honored to work with you.”


“Joan was great to work with. She was very professional and encouraging and got me to be more specific and clearer in my action steps.”


"I enjoyed the whole day it was like a “spa” day for my mind"


“Joan was very open and easy to talk to. She asked great questions that really make you think. Great coaches should create AHA moments and Joan created that for me. Thank you for a great session!”


"It was quite profound when I had my little breakthrough, it hit me right in the heart."


“Joan offered a calm and supportive demeanor. She was a great listener and took me through the session in a positive manner.”


"Joan is a great coach and an absolute pleasure to work with!"